1. Meet our new newsletter format! The goal is 5 Portland metro area real estate “must-knows” in under 200 words. Wish me luck!
  2. Projection: the economy looks to keep growing for the next 12-18 months.  Dr. Elliot F. Eisenberg (former Senior Economist with the NAHB) just gave a talk here in PDX.  It was almost 2 hours long and packed with info - reach out if you want more details.  In a nutshell - still a great time to buy and sell.
  3. Going Green! I'm in class this week to become an "Earth Advantage Broker" so I'll be empowered to recommend savvy home upgrades to provide a healthier living environment and greater energy/water/resource efficiency.
  4. Partner Spotlight: “Their lender sealed the deal!” is music to my ears.  HUGE kudos to lender Jose Ayhllon with Finance of America Mortgage who was instrumental in helping my client get his offer accepted last night.  Looking for an excellent lender? Reach out to Jose for a quote. 503-750-5096.
  5. Personal note: this week baby Maverick cut his 3rd tooth, ate sweet potatoes (a 1st!), and is scooching backwards!  He’s growing up so quick!


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