1. Record High Median Home Values! If you lined up all Portland homes from the lowest to highest by their sold price, the home in the middle is now $405,000! - a Portland record… and the Summer season is just beginning!
  2. …But Increases Are Slowing: Values were up just 5.2% from April 2017 to April 2018 - half the Year-Over-Year increase of April 2016 to April 2017. Looks like Dr Eisenberg’s projections are coming to fruition.
  3. Free Staging Consultation! In real estate, presentation is everything. To help you net the most $$$, we’ve expanded our listing package to include a staging consultation with a professional stager (*with every signed listing contract) at no cost to you!
  4. Seller Quick Tip: …and shameless plug. No matter the market conditions, it’s always a good time to simultaneously sell & buy if you know how to optimize both ends of the transaction and time the closing. If you’re thinking about making a move but are on the fence in this seller’s market, call me (503-701-7023) so we can chat about your options. 
  5. Happy Father's Day Levi! Join mommy (me) and Mav in wishing everyone’s favorite Unlicensed Assistant Extraordinaire a happy first Father's Day!

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