Now that selling season is in full swing and you’re likely applying those last finishing touches before hitting the market, here are a few ideas  to consider that are sure to have a great impact on that first impression…


Mature Tree(s)

Choose a location that adds but doesn't detract - too close to the home and you may have sewer and foundation woes down the road, amongst other things, but when placed in just in the right spot, one or more mature trees can provide not only a charming look and feel but also help to cut down on cooling costs in the summer.  (If you are in Portland and planting in the "parking strip" look to the city for approved trees for your space)



The future owner may love gardening or despise it!  Keep the plantings to a manageable minimum. This will allow the green thumb gardeners to imagine all that they could do with a workable canvas while offering the folks that don't care for gardening an approachable landscape.  Go for a few perennial shrubs, plants and trees that are easy to maintain.


Go Local!

This mantra doesn't just apply to foods and goods - I encourage you to keep native plants for your yard top of mind, too!  Native plants grow here naturally!  What does that mean to you?  1) Less watering! (lower water bill!?!) 2) Happy birds, bees, and bugs!  & 3) An all-around easier-to-maintain landscape that will appeal to both buyers and neighbors! 



If you must have a lawn, then keep it green for home sales and photos.  Take care of dead patches and keep it classy.  Do your neighbors all have lawns?  Then when you prep for a home sale this might be a trend to stick with.


A Happy Entry

Stand at the edge of the street facing your property and approach as you would if you were a visitor.  Would a seasonal pot of flowers be a nice touch to greet you on your way to the door?  Are you walking through overgrown plants and bushes?  Tripping over uneven stones and broken concrete?  If you notice it, so will a buyer.  These will all be a very important part of your visitors or future buyer's first impression of your home.  Clean it up and make the entry simple, easy, and delightful.