Finding a lender for your home mortgage can be stressful and overwhelming if you're not prepared.  Rather than bore you with a 2,000 word essay filled with an overwhelming amount of detail, I'm going to give you 2 quick and useful lists.  The first is a list of the 7 topics that you need to cover in every lender interview and the second is a list of the 7 things that you're going to need to have ready to make sure that the process goes quickly and smoothly.

7 Must-Cover Topics For Your Lender Interview:

  1. Most Popular Mortgage Types

  2. Best Option For Your Situation

  3. Timeframe For Loan Approval and Closing

  4. What Is PMI and Will I Need It?

  5. Pre-Payment Penalties?

  6. Loan Servicing - In House or Other

  7. Rate Lock-In Period

7 Things Your Lender Will Need:

  1. Last 2 years of W2’s and Federal tax returns

  2. Last 30 days of paycheck stubs

  3. If self-employed: last 2 years of Federal returns and year-to-date profit and loss statement

  4. Last 2 months of bank, investment, and asset account statements

  5. Last 2 years of addresses of residence - including landlord / mortgage information

  6. Address and mortgage info on all real estate owned

  7. If applicable: divorce decree, settlement statement, bankruptcy documents

Short, sweet, and to the point as promised.  Once you've got your pre-approval, give me a call and let's get you into your next home!

Julie Lais

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