Part of Portland's charm is the fact that if you drive 45 minutes in just about any direction, you'll run into a farm, orchard, or vineyard.  Fresh vegetables, fruit, wine, beer, and flowers (my favorite!) are waiting to be dug up, picked, sipped, and collected.  I love a good drive out to the country side as much as the next girl, but sometimes time simply won't allow it.  Luckily, the northwest's growers and makers have found a wonderful way to bring their goods to us - the farmer's market!  Below are a completely subjective list of my favorite Portland Metro Area farmer's markets.



When: Saturdays, 8am to 2pm, during season

Where: NW Miller Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

From Their Website: The Gresham Farmers’ Market,  is a community gathering place where you can stroll, shop and listen to live music in a casual friendly atmosphere. The market is comprised of vegetable and produce farmers, bakers, artists and the like, providing some of the best local fresh produce, meats, cheeses, breads, honey, desserts, flowers, art and hand made crafts. 



When: Sundays, 10am to 2pm, during season

Where: 1405 SW Vermont St Portland, OR 97219

From Their Website: The Hillsdale Farmers' Market is a year-round market running weekly from the first Sunday in May through the Sunday before Thanksgiving and twice monthly December through April.



When: Sundays, 10am to 2pm, during season

Where: 4906 Northeast 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97211

From Their Website: This market opened in 2009 to resounding success in the King Neighborhood of Northeast Portland. Established with tremendous support from the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN), the market is located one block south of Alberta Street in the vibrant Alberta Arts District. Adjacent to both King Elementary and King School Park, this market has become a family-centric destination for the neighborhood to enjoy breakfast or lunch, listen to local musicians, and explore 35 vendor stalls filled with local bounty from our region’s farmers, ranchers, fishermen, foragers and food artisans.



When: Saturdays, 8am to 1pm, during season (other seasons have different times)

Where: 4420 NE Hancock St Portland, OR 97213

From Their Website: At Hollywood Farmers Market, we have farmers and other vendors come from all over Oregon and Washington to bring your weekly food. Some drive 100+ miles, some just around the corner.



When: Wednesdays 3pm to 7pm, during season

Where: SE Bybee & 14th, Portland, OR

From Their Website: Cherries, Blueberries, raspberries and plums will all make an appearance! (There) will also be...Baird Family Orchards, Stonewall Banks Seafood and Liepold Farms.


Julie Lais

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